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Smart Specialisation in North Karelia

Smart Specialisation drives innovation and know-how

The strategy for smart specialisation in North Karelia is part of the Regional strategic programme. The strategy sets a common goal the region’s innovation-driven growth, skills and job creation.

Technological change, sustainable clean solutions and innovative services have been identified as global drivers of change in which North Karelia already has international competitiveness. Further long term development within these themes will strengthen the region's chances of succeeding in the international operating environment.

The new programming period for EU’s regional and structural policy emphasizes the importance of smart specialisation.

North Karelia's vision of smart specialisation is 

Reforming, sustainable, international North Karelia

The key areas of smart specialisation in North Karelia are:

  • Reneving industry and emerging technologies
  • Clean solutions and green transition
  • Innovative and sustainable services


Forest Bioeconomy in North Karelia

Kaivannaisala video

Extractive Industry Research in North Karelia

Fotoniikka video

Photonics in North Karelia

Puurakentaminen video

Wood Construction in North Karelia

Tarkkuustekniikka video

Precision Technique in North Karelia

Puun ja puujalosteiden tutkimus video

Wood and Biorefining Research in North Karelia

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Fotoniikka video etusivu

Did you know that here in North Karelia we excel in photonics - the study of light?

Kelluu video

Did you know that North Karelia has its own airship factory?

Koivunmahla video

Did you know that North Karelia exports millions of liters of pure birch sap annually?

Metsäkone video etusivu

Did you know that the world's biggest manufacturer of forest equipment operates in Joensuu?

Puukerrostalo video etusivu

Did you know that Finland´s tallest wooden building is located in Joensuu?

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Contact information

Maarit Siitonen
Maarit Siitonen Specialist in regional development, business and innovations +358 40 066 8149

ICT video

Did you know that roughly 100 ICT companies employ more than 1000 experts in North Karelia?